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---Robin S. New York, 20th March 2018---

This past year, I have had the privilege to consult with Simon.  My  first consultation was a soul reading, where I was delighted to find out my star family.  My second consultation was a general one and just as impressive. These were truly the best consultations I have experienced thus far.


In preparation for my General consultation, I mentally noted a few areas I wanted to cover in the session.   To my surprise, before I could ask the question about my health, specifically 

 about my difficulty walking and my legs.   Simon asked what was going on with my legs... I was totally stunned. He gave me instructions to have some one 

observe my walking and to report back to him.  As it turned out, I wound up going to a podiatrist who informed me that I had achilles tendinitis and a bone spur in my left foot.  


I feel blessed and fortunate that I have have a opportunity to connect with a person of Simon’s ability, who demonstrates courage and willingness to take the time to share 

his knowledge, talent and understanding of the universal truths.


Simon, thanks for the show and all you do to help us regain our power.



Robin s, New York.


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