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Psychic Protection


At the recent Global meditation (which was highly successful) a number of our group received energy attacks, and for one person resulted in complete deafness in one ear, while another person was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes.  The vast majority of attacks that we face are psychic energy based either from fellow humans or entities either on or off the planet.  


Depending on your soul type and the level of your development the formation of an energy shield can take a number of shapes, however a few general rules apply.  Prior to any meditation that is likely to anger negative forces imagine a brilliant cut diamond, such as you would see in a jewellers window, now expand this into a complete circle or bubble, the bottom of which is under your feet but above the ground.  From your third eye draw energy from your body passing through the base chakra and in turn each chakra as you draw it up.  Create a stream of energy from your third eye which feeds and supports this energy shield.  While doing this say this mantra –


“I create this impenetrable shield which blocks and prevents all negative energies from assailing me”. 


As you look at the shield create the facets of the diamond so that they twinkle and sparkle with pure white energy.  It is not possible under normal circumstances to maintain this shield for long.  Please conclude all meditations before taking down the shield.  For clarification - all pure thoughts can pass through this shield so your meditative intent and thoughts will not be impeded, it is only lower density/lower vibration thoughts that will be blocked.

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