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Connecting Consciousness Monthly Spiritual Topics

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December Topic: Thriving Through the Holidays



This time last year we created the spiritual topic for our CC members titled, “Thriving Through the Holidays”. We did this in mind of the fact that Thanksgiving was upcoming in the US; and in the English-speaking world, Christmas too. It had been a particularly difficult year for CC members, and other awake human beings. The divide between the 'sleepers' who follow main stream media and the narrative, and those who could see the lies and propaganda became a chasm. Relationships and families split up. Feelings and emotions were high. How were people going to cope meeting with family and old friends during the holiday season?


Meeting up with family and friends can be one of the most challenging situations because we are living in a time when the unawake and the awake see the same topic from polar opposites. We are receiving information from two different sources – the mainstream news versus independent news sources – and we both think we are right. There is still very little common ground.


This is a significant challenge for very many of us. We are presenting these ideas for you to review, contemplate, and use as appropriate for your given situation. Each of our situations are different, and therefore, some of the ideas and strategies may work for you while others may not work based on your unique situation. 


Having disagreements with loved ones can be sad, upsetting, and frustrating. If you are having a difficult time, please find help. Reach out to other CC members or to family / friends who are of like mind. Take time to nurture yourself and care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


This topic is recognizing and honoring those who have and are continuing to weather the storm and standing in their own sovereignty and truth.


❤️Thriving Through the Holidays – 2021 Overview❤️ The holiday season can be a time of joy, celebration, and light. It can also be a time of stress, especially when differences and divisions abound amongst family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Given this, how can we not just survive, but thrive through the holidays? Building on last month’s topic, the secret is remaining in a heart-centered space.


When truths are shared and paradigms crumble more visibly, people who are unaware will go through a myriad of emotions that may include depression, sorrow, grief, disbelief, and / or anger. Instead of becoming triggered, defensive, and responding with an “I-told-you-so,” if we remain in a heart-centered space, we will be positioned to help.


How to help depends on the level of awareness and emotional state of the individual you wish to assist. At times, people need information, data, and a deep conversation about the truth. Other people may only be ready for a seed of truth, that will sow fully when their soul is ready, and yet others may simply need kindness and compassion.


Establishing personal boundaries is important. Consider what you may be willing to overlook and at what point you need to gently stand in your truth in a heart-centered way. Being mindful of your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others will allow you to stay true to yourself while avoiding defensive behaviors.


Remember that you can contribute significantly by going within. When we remain heart-centered and share our love and light with everyone—regardless of our differences—we raise our vibration. Our raised vibrations contribute to the whole, support our collective evolution, and allow us to be the change we want to see in the world. ❤️


As we approach the same holiday season again this year, what has changed? If anything, it has been an even more heartbreaking year. Many have lost loved ones who have died due to following the agenda, thinking they were doing the right thing. Most of us know friends or relatives who have died before their years from 'heart complications', a stroke, or other unusual health issues. There doesn't seem to be resolution, though more truths are coming out thanks to those fearless and tireless individuals who have had enough of the lies, who can see the truth and want to help others see it too. But essentially, to outside appearances, very little has changed. Another USA election currently has a cloud over it.....has progress been made?


Well, we know it has, and one day it will be obvious to everyone. Until that day, we must stay strong.

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We create new monthly spiritual topics each month. Coordinators use these topics to facilitate discussions to give members the opportunity to talk about real-life situations and to share insights, ideas and strategies. The spiritual topics are also posted on CC’s internal social connecting platform where members from around the world engage in conversation and share personal thoughts. These topics are designed to give points of discussion around self-awareness and spiritual development to enable and empower each of us to become the best version of who we are!

Prior Topics Presented

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October Topic: Authenticity & Overcoming Adversity


Connecting Consciousness Monthly Spiritual Topics

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​​“We are all on our own unique journey.  You will all be highly developed and advanced in ways that other people aren’t, and you will have areas to learn that other people can teach you or share with you. And I think that’s wonderful. Don’t ever feel less than anyone else.”—Becky Parkes

“I really love the (forgiveness) topic this month. It is helping me so much. Truly helping me to heal.” (Member)

“These topics help us align members with the essence of CC – spiritual connections and conversations.” (Coordinator)

“These topics help me focus on internal rather than external. It’s a positive distraction from the chaos going on around us.” (Member)

“People are having major "ah-ha" moments as they are discovering ways to address personal issues. Many people are going in depth on the topics and experiencing personal revelations.” (Coordinator)

“The Monthly Spiritual Topics redirect our members from the chaos in our world to uplifting discussions that encourage members to look deep within.“ (Coordinator)

“Wow-I am just speechless! What a wonderful lesson!” (Member)

“The June/ July Spiritual topic has helped members to go within and heal and reconnect with family members and friends who they have drifted away from due to difference in opinions.” (Coordinator)

“Thank Heaven’s for CC...sometimes I must distance myself from these illusions in order to see peace.” (Member)

”These come to me as being in the world of social consciousness and self correcting my part in it. Thanks for enabling these courses!“ (Member)


Eden Sophia, South Africa, Age 8

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