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Connecting Consciousness Monthly Spiritual Topics


We create new monthly spiritual topics each month. Coordinators use these topics to facilitate discussions to give members the opportunity to talk about real-life situations and to share insights, ideas and strategies. The spiritual topics are also posted on CC’s internal social connecting platform where members from around the world engage in conversation and share personal thoughts. These topics are designed to give points of discussion around self-awareness and spiritual development to enable and empower each of us to become the best version of who we are!


The Monthly Spiritual Topic process was created to serve two primary objectives: To offer spiritual dialogue and education for members and to provide Coordinators with relevant topic materials to facilitate engaging member discussions. This saves time for Coordinators who no longer need to search for topics and find materials to present. It also gives Coordinators the opportunity to further develop their facilitation skills.


We are all on a unique journey to grow and find greater meaning, purpose, and joy in life. To do this entails a deep focus on one’s inner self. As 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi, stated, “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”


To this end, the Monthly Spiritual Topics are designed to help members:


  • Know themselves better (self-realisation)

  • Connect with their inner wisdom

  • Develop conscious focus and intent

  • Live from a heart-centered space

  • Express compassion and be in service to everyone

  • Align with their Higher/Divine Self

  • Manifest positive change for themselves and the collective

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Topic: Dragons—Fiction or Forgotten Friends?


Months: June & July 2024


Let’s face it: Dragons have had a bad rap. In movies and books, they are typically the ‘bad guys’—fire-breathing, fierce, annihilating, and causing chaos and ruin. Even many children’s books portray dragons as flying in and slaying kingdoms. Unicorns have been written off as fictional creatures, often with a condescending statement like, “Do you think life is all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns?”


It is socially acceptable for children to believe in dragons, fairies, unicorns, and other ‘mythical’ creatures; however, not so for adults. These beings have been relegated to myths and children’s stories where ‘imagination’ is allowed. 


There are many other ‘mythical’ beings, such as Mermaids, Griffins (a hybrid of a lion and an eagle), Phoenixes, Sphinxes, Chimeras, Loch Ness Monsters, and many more. There are also more human-like beings such as Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Giants, Sasquatch, Centaurs (half-human, half-horse), Minotaurs (half-man, half-bull), Fauns (half-man, half goat), and others that we will look at in future topics. For the rest of this topic, we will focus primarily on dragons.


Tales of dragons have enthralled people of all ages throughout our known history. Around the world, across many different civilisations and cultures, dragons have appeared in mythology, art, and literature. Most sources suggest that dragons first appeared in the mythology of ancient Mesopotamia, with a dragon representing a fierce serpent.


Dragons played a large role in Greek mythology as well, with their dragons either breathing fire or releasing a poisonous spit. In Greek folklore, heroes often battled dragons—Zeus defeated Typhon, a grisly monster with a hundred dragons’ heads; Heracles killed a monstrous seven-headed water snake dragon; and Cadmus slayed the dragon of Ares.


In Asia, most notably in China, dragons have long been associated with power, good luck, and good fortune. Viewed as spiritual and harmonious beings, Chinese Emperors would use the dragon to showcase his prominence, power, and strength.


The Chinese dragons may have influenced the dragons of Japan in both appearance and characteristics. Like the Chinese dragons, Japanese dragons were usually benevolent. Japanese dragons are large serpentine creatures with clawed feet and were often depicted as deities associated with bodies of water and rainfall. A well-known dragon in Japanese mythology is Ryjin, the dragon god of the sea.

  • June & July 2024 Topic: Dragons—Fiction or Forgotten Friends?

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Prior Topics Presented

CC Members can find prior topic information on Mighty Networks, CC’s private social connecting platform.


Connecting Consciousness Monthly Spiritual Topics

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​​“We are all on our own unique journey.  You will all be highly developed and advanced in ways that other people aren’t, and you will have areas to learn that other people can teach you or share with you. And I think that’s wonderful. Don’t ever feel less than anyone else.”—Becky Parkes

“I really love the (forgiveness) topic this month. It is helping me so much. Truly helping me to heal.” (Member)

“These topics help us align members with the essence of CC – spiritual connections and conversations.” (Coordinator)

“These topics help me focus on internal rather than external. It’s a positive distraction from the chaos going on around us.” (Member)

“People are having major "ah-ha" moments as they are discovering ways to address personal issues. Many people are going in depth on the topics and experiencing personal revelations.” (Coordinator)

“The Monthly Spiritual Topics redirect our members from the chaos in our world to uplifting discussions that encourage members to look deep within.“ (Coordinator)

“Wow-I am just speechless! What a wonderful lesson!” (Member)

“The June/ July Spiritual topic has helped members to go within and heal and reconnect with family members and friends who they have drifted away from due to difference in opinions.” (Coordinator)

“Thank Heaven’s for CC...sometimes I must distance myself from these illusions in order to see peace.” (Member)

”These come to me as being in the world of social consciousness and self correcting my part in it. Thanks for enabling these courses!“ (Member)


Eden Sophia, South Africa, Age 8

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