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Jinn/Demonic Removal



We are posting this because it has become apparent that the need to deal with jinn/demonic entities is incredibly great.  Indeed I have been greatly surprised at the demand by people who are seeking advice in this matter.  This short information page is not designed to take the place of a consultation with me but will allow you to take some positive action while waiting for that consultation. 


Jinn in their true sense are not alien beings, in the church language they are demons, which I can accept, although I prefer the term interdimensional entities because these creatures exist between the 3rd and 4th dimension in a world that they call ‘the realm’.  Such creatures formulated their history from earliest times up to and including what is called ‘the Renaissance period’.  These creatures will not venture within 3 feet / 1 metre of an iron object.  Iron to these creatures has a magical element but this is only the case when the wielder of the iron has a blood line soul or has imbued the metal with their intent.  If you think you have a jinn/demonic presence in your home please do the following:-


  • Obtain any items large or small made of iron. 

  • Place the largest piece of iron that you have got under your bed.

If you think you have a demonic possession of your body please follow the above procedures and await a consultation with me.  Please note items must be made of iron, no other metal will do, if you are in any doubt please ask somebody who knows about such things. 


It is very important that the iron you place is associated with me.   If you’ve not booked a consultation please look at my photograph on my webpage, hold the iron in your right hand (even if you are left handed) and look at my picture for around 10 seconds.   While you do this in your mind ask me to remove the entity maintaining a picture in your mind of me, the iron, your physical body and a black puff of smoke which you should, again in your mind, push away from your body.  The iron needs to be connected psychically with the intent to remove the entity, this will be achieved if you follow the above procedure.


The iron object that is to be placed under the bed should be in line with your chest area in your normal sleeping position, in other words when you are lying on the bed the iron will be directly underneath your chest.  The distance between your body and the iron must not exceed 3ft/1 metre. 


It is also advisable to obtain a small piece of iron which you could attach to a string to make a necklace.  It is important that you do not put it on yet.  After the iron has been placed under the bed you will shortly wake up feeling lighter and happier, this is the point to put the necklace on as the energy is not in your body.  If we put the necklace on when you feel down and depressed then we will trap whatever it is inside you which we do not want.  The necklace needs to be left on for 3 weeks and must not be removed even when taking a shower.


The quality of iron matters


The best and most potent iron is that that has been hand forged over a traditional forge and anvil.  Of course it is not always possible to obtain this and while any iron will make do - its results will be variable, however even at the lower end of the scale you should still see a beneficial result.  This is not to take the place of a consultation, of paramount importance is to understand why you may be afflicted by such creatures.  Understanding the reason for the attachment will give me a great insight and help to refine the methods of removal.



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