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.....Apologies, Simon's appointment calendar now fully booked.....​


Due to high demand please understand that it may take time for you to receive a direct reply from Simon, so we thank you in advance for your patience...
Simon is able to offer a range of services some of which only a very few people

on the planet are capable of offering.




A soul reading allows Simon to connect with the clients soul and thus determine their

star family heritage.  This often leads to wider discussion in regard to the client, the

situations they are facing and the most advantageous responses that they could make.



A general consultation allows the client to discuss any topic that is pertinent to them,

they also have the opportunity to ask any questions that they wish.  


The above services are via Skype and are £100 for 60 minutes.  




Many people have suffered trauma in their lives, this might be a one off situation or an 

orchestrated set of events.  Simon understands the deep and complex nature and the

incredible life changing effect that such trauma has on the individual. 

Simon has successfully deprogrammed/healed a very wide range of people from differing

backgrounds some of whom are holding elite positions in hierarchical structures. 

In many cases the client may have experienced a form of mind control and may have a

number of alternate personalities.  Simon is able to heal and integrate such clients.

*In exceptional circumstances the fee for De-Programming/Mind Healing work may be waived



A number of clients are afflicted by dark energy beings, the jinn being one of many. 

In those cases where the client wishes to expel/be free of such entities Simon is

also able to bring this about.  In the meantime you can go to the Jinn/Demonic Possession

page on our website.


The initial consultation for the above two services is £100 for 60 minutes. 
Depending on the depth of work required there may be an additional charge.


*Due to the sensitive nature of all the work Simon undertakes, recording of any sessions must be

with the express permission of Simon, in any case Simon will not discuss any individual person with

anyone without the express permission of the client themselves. 

Total anonymity is therefore assured for all clients regardless of their status or background. 


It is to be clearly understood that in the last two headings the client should understand that a one off session will not be sufficient to undo the damage that may exist. 

In these complex cases Simon will, during the first session, give an indication of how long he

thinks it will take.  Simon can never return a person to 100% of the person they were

before the trauma but aims for 95%.  Simon aims to have the client in such a position that

they can hold down a full time job if they choose and to be confident enough to

socialize/maintain their everyday life.  


Testimonials Here...


Message from Simon...


Due the the extremely high level of no shows where clients are not making contact at the allotted time. Regrettably means that appointment is lost along with the booking fee.


If clients wish to re book then they will have to pay again.


As much as one quarter of booked clients are not following through and I can't sustain this level of loss any longer.

We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment so that we have the appropriate time to fill the slot with someone already on Simon's waiting list.


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