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Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Dear Customer, user or affiliate of 5gBioShield,

As you know, a journalist published, last May 28th, an article on BBC against our 5G

BioShield USB key, saying "Cyber-security experts say the £339 5GBioShield appears to no

more than a basic USB drive."

This article was followed by a cohort of other articles referring only, as in a ripple effect,

to the original BBC article.

The key word here above is: "appears", and not "is".

The presumption of innocence is an inalienable right enshrined in the constitution of each

country; this right is however completely flouted here, the article condemning 5g BioShield

on the basis of plausibility, and not of certainties after a duly thorough examination of the

object in question. This superficiality speaks volumes about the journalist's objectivity as

well as his intentions!

How could "they" however become "certain" of their slanderous accusations when:

1) Physical tests only have been performed on the key, which is only a support for the

technology invented and developed by Professor Lakicevic; no test has been

conducted on the nano-layer fixed on the key, which is though the driving force of

its undisputed efficacy, and which requires of course a specific knowledge in

quantum physics that obviously the people having performed some "tests" are not

even informed about !

2) All research from Professor Lakicevic has been duly published in a peer review

committee journal in eight remarkable articles so far:

1. “Aton” True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept

2. The True Concepts, Laws and Equations of Creation

3. The Right Therapy for Radiation Poisoning

4, The True Value of Pi Number and Squaring the Circle

5. Birth of the Planetary Being

6. Atom, Electric Current, Gravity, Magnetism, Energy, Mass, and Speed of Light are NOT what Science believes

and Earth is NOT a Magnet

7. The True Nature of the Electricity and Secret of Motion, Matter, and Inert Gases”

8. Collective Responsibility for our Current Circumstances

3) How can appropriate journalistic research be conducted when neither Professor

Lakicevic nor Jacques Bauer, the scientist who has participated for many months,

together with other renowned experts in their respective fields, in all the efficacy

studies of the 5GBioShield USB key at several levels biological, blood, cardiac,

water, etc. (all the results are also openly displayed in the "Science and Research"

section of the website , have been consulted or called in

order to be able to present their point of view and the results of their research

which obviously do not interest this journalist in the least?

Therefore, his objectivity can only be strongly questioned, as any mind showing a

minimum of objectivity will deduce.

4) Innumerable testimonies have been collected and published in the "testimonial"

part of the site, expressing their deep appreciation for the effects observed in

humans, animals and even plants by the utilisation of the 5gBioShield key ?

As regards the price of the 5gBioShield key, shall we remind that:

1) Prof Lakicevic has been financing his own research and development, without

external financial support, for more than 20 years ?

2) Jacques Bauer, whose credentials are above any suspicion, has conducted and

coordinated the biological tests related to the breakthrough technology of Prof

Lakicevic for several months without asking for payment in order to guarantee the

objectivity of the findings ?

3) Every user having purchased a 5gBioShield USB key has the right to participate to

quarterly one day webinars or conferences in order to be better informed and

trained in the field of Radiations, Quantum physics, environmental issues, without

any additional payment ?

If we want however this research, testing and teaching to continue independently

and at its best level, it is of highest importance to be part of the financial support

needed for this goal, like in the case of a crowdfunding. This is the only way to be

beneficial for all of us, without exception.

We thank you very much for the time you have dedicated to the reading of this

extensive reply, and are strongly hoping that, your eyes being widely open to the

light of what precedes, right and appropriate choices and action will be


For our part, we have taken all legal steps aimed at restoring our right and

compensating us for the damage caused.

Furthermore, we need to add this (comments from various grouped observers):

1) We have noticed that sales continue to rise despite the BBC syndicated piece.

2) Robert David Steele’s analysts tracked the syndication of articles globally back to a single

platform, and confirmed that in their export view this is a text book attack to disrupt a

breakthrough technology, before it gets too market saturated.

3) The Customer Service team have been besieged by a wicked trolling campaign which:

a) warned of the pending BBC article BEFORE it was published.

b) warned of the Standards Authority intervention.

c) now threatens us with website closure in the the next three days.

These evidences will be handed over to the Standards Authority investigator’s and the BBC

Ombudsman. Why / How does a foul-mouthed troll know beforehand what is going to take


What is clear to all is that Prof. Lakicevic is the seminal change~maker in contemporary

science and reminds everyone that ALL dogmatic science needs to now restore to the eternal

principle of Love and Sovereignty.

What is also clear is that Simon Parkes Conscious Community were and remain THE seminal

movement sufficiently evolved in consciousness to be the change~makers of the paradigm


Those of you who really feel concerned by the follow-up of this case will be able to

be on request.

We stay at your entire disposal for any further clarification and thank you very

much, in the name of the honoured Professor Lakicevic, for your support in this

particular moment of time.


The 5GBioShield team


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