January 16th...

On January 16th a US judge has the authority to open some of the sealed indictments in regard to Jeffrey Epstein.

There is a tug of war underway and its 50/50 if the documents will be unsealed!

If they are expect the British Royal Prince Andrew to be named - If he is called to the US he may refuse!

There are 3,000 pages of new evidence put together by 'back room boys/girls' working for the justice system but actually reporting to other agencies...

I have not had sight of any of these documents but I have been told what’s in some of them....

Expect NEW revelations which will launch a hundred follow ups into other big names...

The only issue on the lips of the elite who are not implicated is, What will the Queen do?

Will she talk to President Trump?

Will she so insulate herself and the Royal brand from this that Prince Andrew will be allowed to fall to his own demise - the Queen confident that she has saved the British Royal Family!


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