Duke & Duchess Of Sussex

Royal commentators blind sided, failing to get the inside news on Harry and Meghan.

Very few people in the upper echelons actually understand why the Sussex’s felt compelled to split from the Queen and thus the Royal Family.

The miscalculation on behalf of Harry in relation to losing the title His Royal Highness or HRH for short is down to extremely poor advice from his advisor - There was no way the Queen was going to buy that!

So HRH title is lost but title - Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex will remain.

The couple will live nearly exclusively in Canada with many business trips to the US. The couple will no longer represent the Queen and had already said they no longer want public money from the taxpayer.

They will return £2.4 million for the house they got updated and will be their “family“ home here in the U.K.

As these Royal correspondents don’t bother to read my updates - They prefer the gossip in the tea rooms, one aged aunt - or bits of letters picked up in trash baskets - They failed entirely to foresee the Queen's response.

If you tell someone that their brand is tainted - They throw you out - And that’s what happened.


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