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Coronavirus Update

Finally the British have been told the full facts about the virus - it has been revealed and announced that if / when the virus hits Britain millions of people will be ordered to stay at home and not go out for any reason.

A legal enforced isolation & anyone breaking this will be arrested and isolated in a secure hospital.

So finally the impact of this virus is being slowly understood outside of China.

In another move the Chinese central bank started disinfecting all used paper money and coins which are still used in some provinces (China largely is a cashless State) because it’s realised that the virus can live on surfaces for days!

It’s obvious that items arriving from China can carry the virus!

Tests showed it can survive for days - In China people are shaving their heads because it’s now known that the virus can live in people’s hair!

This really is a genetically produced super resistant super bug designed to survive outside the human body and may well carry other additions to its operating strain - Aids is one that is being suggested as a second addition.

My advise is don't buy anything from China without disinfecting it first.

Clean all surfaces wearing gloves before touching anything

Do not buy Chinese food if the supplies have come from China.

Nearly all the worlds garlic comes from China - & I’m glad I never touch the stuff!


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