British PM On Verge Of Announcing Troops Into London

As I reported yesterday that a secret plan was being prepared - Today some have leaked out into the public domain - 20,000 troops will be active in London deployed from their barracks.

As I tried to warn yesterday the M25 which is a circular road all around London which will see check points as part of the final security arrangements.

What to expect...

Expect to see legislation passed by Parliament this Friday on the suspension of some citizen liberty.

Depending on police and military the security operation will start either Saturday or Sunday depending on if the assets are in place.

While this will indeed prevent a “city of super spreaders” as the people of London are now known to the authorities from infecting the rest of the country.

It will also contain black hats who fearing arrest from Trumps agents will try to get out of London.

Remember that Boris and Trump are very close and working together.


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