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Wakeup Meditation 

Sunday 5th June 2022 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EDT), 10pm British UK time (BST)

•    Working as an individual or as a group

•    Visualize the human race (you could perhaps imagine lots of people) 

•    Imagine a heavy dense black cloud/fog sitting on their shoulders covering their head

•    Imagine this dense cloud to be cube shaped

•    Now visualize this cloud dissolving in the fashion as sugar placed in hot coffee/tea

•    Due to the satanic element and the way it re charges itself we do not want to blast it we have to dissolve it

•    At the moment you see this blackness dissolve please visualize a bright white light coming from source to the human race bringing a lifting enlightenment 

•    Please visualize this heavy blackness dissolving to reveal the human race, always be clear that this        blackness is ignorance. You are to dissolve / ignorance and free humanity

I realise that most meditations advertise many minutes and people will say what can you achieve in 5 minutes but this must only be 5 minutes long.

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