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Welcome To BioPhotonic

Restore balance and harmony to your everyday life with the BioPhotonic holistic range of products.

It is now impossible to avoid artificial environmental factors, including electromagnetic fields (EMFs), air pollution, and toxic substances in our food and water. With satisfied customers from all over the world and more than a decade of research, we have proven the effectiveness of BioPhotonic technology. To ensure natural conditions exist, we must counter, mitigate, and detoxify.

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About PhotonicWave

The development of the PhotonicWave is to create a peaceful, balanced atmosphere as nature intended by cancelling out pathogenic artificial man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) using  protective, harmonious full spectrum waves of natural frequencies. The PhotonicWaves biorhythms are perceived by our body as “native,” due to to the synchronization with the background rhythm of the earths Schumann waves.

The effects are swiftly and precisely felt by the body, enhancing the body’s hormonal and metabolic functions and yielding maximum results. Through its unique geometric design, and built in antennas the PhotonicWave forms a 360 degree 50m2 oscillating  biorhythm fields that pass through walls, floors and ceilings, Synchronising with all biological life.

Key Benefits:

EMF & Geopathic stress protection

• Reduces the effect of electro-sensitivity

• Eliminates the effects of harmful impact of artificial electromagnetic radiations and fields

Harmonising effect on

• Mobile phone radiation

• Smart meters


• Masts

• All wired and wireless technology

Mental Health

• Helps with stress, depression, chronic fatigue

• Promotes tranquil sleeping

• Stops excessive secretion of cortisol in response to stress

Immune health

• Contributes to the restoration of DNA

• Stimulates capturing of free radicals (anti-aging, anti-oxidation)

• Enhances the immune response (cellular and metabolic)

• Improves carbohydrate metabolism

• Stimulates the production of melatonin hormone

• Helps with weight management

• Synchronises the left and right hemispheres by harmonising the production of hormones

• Decreases triglycerides level. (Heart health)

• Activates neuro protective responses in the brain

• Restores the biological rhythms of the human body

• Slows atherosclerosis (Artery walls)

Pet Health

• Harmonising effect for pets

• Parasite cleansing effect for pets

• EMF Shielding for pets

• Structured water for pets

Water harmonisation

• Restructures water

• Improves water taste

For CC members exclusively, please use the code CC30 to enjoy 30% off the Photonic line of products. (Offer expires 17th June)

Please visit our website's updated research page for the latest reports and information:

You can read about our customers' positive and personal experience’s on our website:

Please watch the intro video to the PhotonicWave device:

Please watch the intro video to the PhotonicCards device:

Disclaimer: The BioPhotonic devices are not medical devices and do not treat or cure any sickness; rather, they offer a holistic means of decreasing stress loads, restoring self-regulation and are designed to be used alongside a general wellness programme.

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