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Simon & Kim Love Earth Stories November Updates



CALM OIL 40% PROMOTION. Our organic Swiss made CBD very effective for anxiety, clarity and as an aid to restful sleep.

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Love Earth Farm exciting developments with Mike Lynch, as our wonderful hemp farmer now is going to build some shepherds huts on the community land. Call Mike on +447387072464 as there are only 12 slots available with 5 already taken if you would like to join in. Imagining that we will be welcoming guests again to the Love Earth Wellness Farm in the summer of 2023.

Free meditation and breathwork every Sunday at 6pm UK time come join the growing family for the ever free Love Earth Event with all going details on

Focus is always on self healing and bringing people back to the circle and the fire.

Tuesday free ceremonial breathwork is at 630pm UK time, register again through

To help the whaledreamers please video on


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