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Podcast Follow Up...

Updated: May 17, 2022

Dear All,

Not for the first time so many people have misunderstood my latest podcast. Please be reassured that my comments are not about the patriots or the spiritually aware, it was aimed at the millions of people who do not and will not see the truth. I am surprised that people think that I am criticising patriots or the awake and aware. I couldn't be clearer. In my podcast I referred to people sitting on the fence. This is clearly not CC members or any patriots who've clearly seen the truth.

In relation to Trump coming back, I clearly explained the white hat thinking. My message is more positive than Friday's Doug Billings podcast where he said Trump was not coming back until 2024! In regards to the RV, it's all done! All that remains is the balancing of each individual nations currency.

Frankly I am at a loss as to why people are angry when the message I gave has been the undercurrent with the patriot movement for months. The only difference is that the white hats want to see more action from people who are still sitting on the fence. It's almost as if people just want to be told everything is good and everything is fine, when clearly it is not because Biden is still in office. I cannot be blamed for the thinking currently taking place with the white hats, and I won't lie to the people . So in reality the only change is the white hats are now becoming more vocal in wishing to see more reaction from the so far asleep people. The movie 2000 mules was told to me by a white hat Lt Col designed to wake up a further 10% of this so called asleep majority. There is a concerted effort by the white hats to reach this group. That is the group of people that are now under the spotlight, not the rest of us who have for so long fought the good fight. I don't see how I can be any clearer.

All the best,



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