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For Those Pressured Into Taking The Vaccine...

From Kerry Cassidy: please share far and wide...

SOURCE UNKNOWN: For those at work being pressured to take the vaccine or else..

Saw this on another site..

Advice from a Barrister on how to deal with vax demands from your employer or anyone else:

Contact your doctor and book a Vaccine anxiety appointment. At this point you become a medical case as anxiety is a real issue. Then collect information about adverse effects and send that to you doctor and get them to answer your concerns. If they don't answer then claim this gives you further anxiety.

Then ask your doctor to agree to a thorough medical for you BEFORE any injection so if you are made to have the injection you have baseline medical evidence from medical experts to prove it affected you adversely if it does. If they refuse, claim further anxiety.

Then say you want a contract with the doctor administering the injection and their practice having full liability if you are medically poorly for up to end of life. The doctor will refuse this proving the vaccine might be unsafe and that ADDS to your anxiety.

While this is all going on tell your employer you are looking in to it with advice from your doctor. YOU WILL WIN!! Anyone that does this will win. Use it. I have a degree in law and this is the process I have applied. It works! 🙂

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