An Extremely Big Thank You To Everyone...

An extremely very big thank you to everyone who is supportive during this difficult time.

Thank you for your donations for the Lawyer costs and thank you for your love and kind thoughts.

We know who is behind these nasty attacks and the connections behind black magic and the front men who are attacking CC.

You know what CC is and what it’s about so you see these black magic interruptions for what they are.

These bad actors will have to account for their disgusting actions through the law.

I’m not having 'trial by social media' rather a real Barrister Lawyer.

These people think they can say what they want on social media and that there is no consequence - It’s they who have lost all grip on reality.

In the 1993 film Tombstone, Kurt Russell playing Wyatt Earp says “and the laws coming”

We are seeing all over the world that people are facing choices -

Human consciousness is rising and we should all be proud that CC is part of this rising movement.

No wonder the forces of evil seek to impede our development .

I say “give strength to the light workers - And down with all who want enlightenment pulled back down into the depths“

Let’s go forward to love, truth and justice, and leave behind any who seek to stop us.



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