I have been delighted to be associated this last year with 5gbioshield and its remarkable QNL  technology in all its forms  - and now I am even more delighted and excited  by the evolution into the new technologies of Memon Bionic Instruments at memon.global.  


It has always been a great pleasure to work with this  QNL BioShield team - I do appreciate that Dr Lakicevic  has had a number of challenging issues in his life - and I did my very best to be of service to him but  I believe that we have gone as far as we can in this endeavour and as one door closes another one opens. 


Memon Bio Instruments has a 20 year background history in harmonising the negative effects of EMF and electro smog. Our friends at Bioshield have been quietly working on this transition  to this relationship for some time. We absolutely stand behind the new technology especially as it has been exhaustively tested by Dr Dartsch at the Dartsch Institute. We look forward to this new  evolution together

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We personally received an array of products which we are now using around the house. We can really feel the difference. 


We would also like to share with you this statement from  BioShield who will of course remain  open for any outstanding customer service issues on going.   

Letter  from  the management at 5GBioShield 


Dear Customers, 


We would like to  thank you all so much for  your amazing and consistent support over the last year or so with the  QNL BioShield project.  We have witnessed  an extraordinary world change in that time and  to the best of our ability have ridden these changes together.  To have dealt with so many  logistical and other global challenges at this time, as well as concerted personal agenda driven attacks,   is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, especially in support of a new  earth coming. 


Of course we have felt deeply honoured to have been able to share with you Dr Lakicevic’s extraordinary work in these various  QNL forms.  


Sad to say that although we felt  were really making progress through all the challenges that beset us,   unfortunately a continued collaboration with Dr Lakicevic  was not to be ongoing,   for various reasons.  We absolutely stand by his technology and hope that the public will be able to continue to receive it in whatever form he sees fit, as he  potentially develops it  with others,  in the future.   We wish him continued success in all his future endeavours. 


We also want to thank clinical pharmacist Jacques Bauer in Switzerland for all his tireless efforts on behalf of QNL BioShield and for setting up and overseeing the  wonderful double blind placebo studies at the Colombier Health Centre of Natalie Calame, that unequivocally proved the efficacy of the technology.   We are delighted  that Jacques has intentions to develop a really interesting new technology based in Switzerland and we also wish him very well with that in the future.  We believe that the most important thing as we all move forward is to support all and every positive change and technology that we can, it’s all about working together to achieve the goal of a new way of being on the planet. 


  In the meantime we have been researching all sorts of new technologies and companies to work with moving forward, so as  to continue our core mission which is to help people with the every present and growing threat of 5g, 4G,  EMF’s negative impact on health, electro smog and general pollution.  We looked at countless projects and are delighted to announce that we are moving ahead with a family owned business in Germany which goes back now 20 years.   


The research, scientific studies, consumer feedback and independent scientific backing put forward by this company is by far the most in-depth that we have seen so far. This is a progressive company and the research and development continues. The company and its products we will be working alongside are endorsed by Dr Darsch, of the Darsch scientific institute.  


The new relationship fits perfectly with our desire,  based on the 1000’s of letters and questions received over the last year from customers, to   evolve to a broader range of products with range of pricing options enabling more consumers greater access to EMF protection.


We chose this company for many reasons including the range of EMF protection products  referenced which include child specific wristbands, pendants,  wireless earphone protection,  protection for iPads, internal routers, electricity supplies, water systems, vehicles of all types and pet protection. This is just the trip of the iceberg. 


We will be officially announcing our support for this company in due course.  

Once again we wish everyone very well and every success moving forward.


We will of course be open to receiving any further enquiries and customer service issues,  


Let’s keep imagining together a wonderful new world,  free from the scourges of EMF pollution and all other things detrimental to human health and spiritual growth.  Here is to us all dreaming in together a new earth.