I am delighted to endorse this CBD oil which is naturally pure, guaranteed chemical, pesticide, heavy metal free, and made traditionally from the whole flower of the plant.


For the last year the oil has been made on a special farm in Ireland until the authorise decided to shut down the operation under the guise of EU regulations called The novel food act.    Although a difficult time I am happy to say with great support of CC members the farm and HuGold survived and are now working with a fully organic Swiss farm who still hand harvest and have the same ethics as HuGold. Both me and Becky love the new oils and cannot recommend them enough.

"Connecting Consciousness has always sought to promote true products that assist humanity and are in keeping with our values. So while I will not be personally selling these products I am happy to endorse them and recommend them to the CC membership."

“I am not able to answer specific questions about the product and would direct you to the makers website. Once again, I am extremely pleased that this is available at an affordable price and of an extremely high quality"

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