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 I found when the first one I got was plugged in I could feel the energy felt like when I first got my orgonite, and I had higher energy and clearer thinking. It also seems to have neutralised any rare headaches I got from EM radiation from electronic devices. I am of course happy for this bit of feedback to be used. 
Much Love and Blessings, Eddi. England CC member.


I want to share something interesting that happened with the 5G stick. I started to use it on Sunday, I read in the instructions booklet that I could plug it into the socket when I was not using the computer. So I did and went to sleep. I have this clock that had ran out of battery and had not recharged it. So the clock was just sitting there unused. Any way, in the middle of the night I wake up and hear tic tac tic tac. It took me few seconds to realise that it was the clock ticking. I got out of bed and turned the light on to see the clock, functioning perfectly. I was amazed! I set it to the correct time and went back to sleep. So the clock is still running perfectly on time. I do not understand how this happened but I am most delighted and amused by the effect of this stick. Wanted to share this with you. Lots of love! French CC member.



Hello 😊, I am writing as we have purchased some of the sticks.  We trust Simon and we are aware of the electro magnetic forces and frequencies that we are constantly being bombarded with every day.  It is on that basis that we (my husband and I) decided to make the investment.  We made the purchase before Simon had released the video with the scientists about the sticks.  Any second thoughts we had were dispelled after watching the video and we eagerly awaited the arrival of our order in the post.  The sticks arrived about a week later, I had a positive reaction to the sticks within fifteen minutes of carrying one about my person.  I am very aware and conscious of my auric field.  I sensed that my auric field was being charged positively by the stick.  We have also plugged one of the sticks into a usb plug and are encouraged to know that our whole home and most of our garden is now being protected too.  We are both grateful and happier for having three nights of much improved sleep.  We have no doubt that the sticks have made a positive change to us and our environment.  I would not hesitate to recommend the bioshield to anyone. England CC member.



I received my Bioshield two days ago and it seems to be doing something to my body . The first 24 hours I didn't notice anything, then last night I slept deeper than I usually do and slept for 10 hours! Still feeling exhausted! So I am just taking myself gently and giving my body time to adjust. Australia CC member.


This product arrived well packaged and wrapped, It is Beautifully crafted together and is ready to go . within the first couple of hours of being connected there is a sense of Tranquillity and calm not felt in my surroundings for a Long time . I am delighted with the product and is versatile at home or mobile , or in your office , at a price that is affordable. Well done to the Inventors of this stick. There is just one word to sum this product up AMAZING .

Geoffrey CC member



I must say that my dreams have becoming very harmonic since i started to use the 5G BioShield!! Tom Sweden CC member



we have had our sticks for about a week now and have noticed a huge difference in our living space.  Thank you! Thank you!!

 Kim USA CC member



Thank you so much for your delivery. I am very excited about rebuilding my health after many years of suffering from toxic EMF pollution from smart meters, cellphones, and computers. I am very much grateful for your product and for Simon Parkes for letting me know about 5GBioShield.

 Z. USA CC member



Many thanks to the 5G-Shield's a fantastic Stick.

After a few Seconds we felt the first Effect. My dear Friend T. who has been attacked by a Reptilian since his Birth finally got rid of him 1 day later 

and the Stick was only inserted for 30 minutes !! Absol. Fantastic !!

Thomas  CC member


‘I’ve been using the key for over a week now and I have had a very noticeable improvement in my wellbeing.I’d like to add that I’ve tried a number of other “devices” over the last few years to try and help with my condition but this one has made a difference that I’ve not felt before.I also look after animals and I know they are adversely affected by microwaves. The dog I’m looking after at the moment also had a noticeable change in sleeping when I plugged the key in.

Cathy  CC Member



 I’ve been using the BiosShield USB key for a week now and I can affirm that it definitely works as stated in the detailed product description. I’m now able to sit at a computer as I used to many years ago without experiencing any negative symptoms. Maximum Thanks to you and your associates for making this technology available!

~Margarita (non member)



thank you so much !!! I have 1 Bioshield since 3 days, and the fog in the brain + fatigue is gone, and I feel like I have 100% more energy

Edward Australia (non member)



Hello, I received my 5G BioShield Key on the 10th of December 2019 and I am pleased to report that I am happy with it so far and I believe it is having a positive effect. ~ Dominic (non member)



for me the effect had quite an impact, the „brain fog“ is gone, thoughts are clearer, anxiety levels are significantly reduced, I feel more balanced – a friend who is more electro sensitive told me, when I let her hold it, for her it felt like switching into a meditative state. thank you, this is a blessing

Edward (non member)




Slept really good last night while shield activated. First night activated. Just received shield. 

Debra (non member)



I am pleased to have received my order yesterday!

As soon as I plugged the USB shielding keys I thought that I felt peace coming over me.

However it is really the next morning that I felt the difference. 

I woke up an hour early, restored and very peaceful.

So I thank you for this great technology. 

I look forward to continue to observe the changes in me.

Pierre (non member)



I am a 25 year old female that has struggled a lot with rheumatic and autoimmune diseases for a long time, and being extremely sensitive to radiation so much that my hand starts to numb and become cold after a few minutes. When I put it into the USB in my computer the first time something happened, felt like a nervous system snap in my brain, somehow. So I knew that it was doing something. Mediation 5 meters away from the computer felt smoother directly. It took a few days for me to feel the difference when I sit with the computer, my head was still hurting from the radiation for several days but it would heal away faster as soon as I left the computer. Now about 5 days I can feel a difference when I sit with the computer as well, I’m able to stay with it longer, and I do hear funny frequency noises now “like a pulse”. Generally I feel much more better in my emotions and able to handle things with ease that I would not able to handle so good before. My partner says he feels good energy in the house and the cat is so much more happy and energetic!

Nina (non member)



 I have used the 5G Bio Shield Key for the last three days. I plug it in my office. I have been amazed how much faster I can do my office work (writing emails, sending organizers what they need to put on my seminars for 2020 world wide, finding photos, communicating with offices around the world). I have the impression my brain is so clear and transparent, that I just need to think about what to do and it gets written, sent , accepted, and used within 24 hours ! Amazing. I used to take so long to do these things because I had resistances and thought I could not manage without my office assistant. Now I think about it, and I do it within the hour. Alleluia ! What a great tool. It is the new solution for the 22nd century NOW !

I recommend it to anyone who wants to be clear and efficient in their work, and their life. 

Margot Anand, international author of "The Art of Everyday Ecstasy" (and many more books)