Please Read...

5G BioShield Customer Service has a very high volume of emails right now, so please take into account the replies to your enquiries might take some time to respond.


Please note that the 5G BioShield keys with the Connecting Consciousness logo are still in production and we estimate we will ship sometime in March.


When you place a new order, make sure you are following the link above. 

If you do not see the referral information while placing your order, please add the coupon code SimonParkes to the order. 

The order page might still not show that you are referred by me, but that will ensure that the 2 for 1 offer will automatically be logged and honoured in due course.


5G BioShield will let everybody know if their order was recognized as a CC order, sometime in February. 

If you placed an order and did not get confirmation, you will have a chance to correct the issue at that time. 


Please note that orders are taking between 1 to 2 weeks for fulfillment at this time - we appreciate your patience.


Please download from the website and read the detailed product information pdf. to find out about the device and how to use it as well there is a lot of science on the website, please do check it out when you get a moment.


Greetings and many thanks to the Connecting Consciousness Members 

~ 5G BioShield Team