Please note for those watching older videos about the 2 for 1 5G Bioshield.

This offer ended on February 16th. Thank you

Although the 2 for 1 offer is no longer available, the 5GBioshield offers one of the very best defences against 5G and other harmful electromagnetic waves, it’s portable and there are now literally 1000’s of positive testimonials that have been received by the Bioshield company. I myself purchased 1. Simon

Update From The Bioshield Team...

Dear Connecting Consciousness Family


As you know the 2 for 1 offer for the CC members finished on the 16th of February but due to severe delays in the supply chain it took us longer than anticipated to finalise production of the free keys with the Connecting Consciousness logo.


However now we are happy to announce despite the global issues, that free CC keys will start to be shipped first in Europe from the 15th April and the USA and rest of the world from the 23rd April.


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by these delays beyond our control.


Please download from and read the detailed product information pdf. to find out more about the device and how to use it.


5G BioShield Customer Service has a very high volume of emails - please take into account the replies to your enquiries might take some time to respond.


Greetings and many thanks to the Connecting Consciousness Members


~ 5G BioShield Team ~

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